How Much Social Media is Too Much?

One thing I always hear when it comes to social networking is how much social media is too much? People are surprised by the fact that there are technically hundreds of social networking sites, and just don’t know where to start, let alone how to start.

How do you get started?

Let’s start with how you should be on social media first. First of all, social media are the future and present of the Internet. It’s all about social media, and it’s the most effective way to market something today.

In addition, social media has led us into this world of “new school” marketing methods or simply marketing with Web 2.0 websites. Compared to old-fashioned marketing, which revolved around very faceless and impersonal direct business areas, marketing at the new school is about generating leads that create personal relationships. If that sounds strange, I suggest you watch my video under “New School vs. Old School Marketing” at the end of this post.

How many social media channels should you have?

There are literally over a hundred different types of social networking sites that are much better known than others. But just because you know more than a hundred or even a dozen social networking sites doesn’t mean you should spend time with each one. Trying to be part of every site can be counterproductive.

Let’s review the main goals of social networks.

1) Establish yourself as a leader: You want to be known as someone who offers others added value. There’s no point in being an idiot on social media. When you add value, people come back to you as a resource, and that’s exactly what we want to do.

2) Get popular: It’s not a joke, you want as many people as possible to know your name and face. The more visibility you get, the more money you make – this is a proven formula on social media. It doesn’t matter what type of company you are in and what type of sales funnel you work in – the more visibility you get, the more money you see.

3) Building relationships: building real relationships. I’m talking about mutually beneficial relationships with like-minded people and sharing similar goals. That’s why you want to be in constant touch with everyone because you never know who to work with to start the next Google. One thing that has to be achieved with these three goals is that it takes a lot of time and effort to achieve them. It’s not a big job – you just need to develop a routine of effective sessions that you interrupt regularly.

Since it takes persistence and commitment to become known as a person who creates value and ultimately builds relationships, you don’t want to overload your plate. Don’t sign up for all the social networking sites you can because you just can’t be active for everyone. You will see more rewards if you build a reputation on multiple websites instead of mixing on 20 different websites. There is no money in the gray area, you don’t just want to fit into the fund.

I recommend joining some social networking sites. I am on 3 – Twitter, YouTube and BetterNetworker (Facebook is my personal site and not for business purposes). Now it’s just my preference and yours may be different. Don’t be afraid to try something new and sign up for new websites. You don’t have to be part of multiple sites and believe that this will help you.

How many times should you post a day?

Whenever you can. You no longer have to overload your card, spend as much time as possible when you access new social networking sites for the first time. As you progress, you will develop your own routine. Some people find it hard to spend 30 minutes a day on social media, while others come when they can.

Be aware that getting burned is inevitable. Everyone does this and everyone is exhausted. This is natural when you have had enough and are discouraged. It is important to come back after exhaustion and develop or change your routine to avoid being overwhelmed.

Have goals, be efficient and keep your chin up!

The most important rule on social networking sites is to be yourself. Not everyone agrees with you, and for this reason, not everyone likes you. Don’t worry, the last thing you want to do is change your actions or put them in danger to try to please everyone – this is a mistake for beginners. Be controversial! There is no bad publicity/attention. There is no money in the gray area! Be yourself, be positive (no one likes to be stupid), have goals, and be open.