How Creative Minds Benefit From Having A Dog

At times we tend to lose our productivity and creativity either because we have been overwhelmed by certain challenges or because we are anxious due to the responsibilities in our day-to-day lives. We simply catch a bad day on some occasions and are not able to focus on our jobs. However, it has been found by studies that a work atmosphere that is animal friendly will help to make us more creative in the long run. In this article, we will look at how creative minds can benefit from having a dog.


Once we own a pooch we have to go for lots of strolls and adventures. In general, we will be walking a minimum of 3 times every day and will be able to cover as many as 5 miles in total. No one can deny the fact that walking helps to enhance our creativity. According to a study conducted at Stanford Graduate School of Education, it was found that a person tends to become more creative while walking and also for some time thereafter. The study also revealed that strolling outside in the fresh open air will help to produce much more creative responses as compared to when sitting down. Once we return to our office and sit down, our creative juices will continue to flow. The end result is that our creative output as well as creating quality is going to improve.


It is impossible to be creative once you are suffering from stress. In fact, you’ll become more productive at your work by decreasing your stress levels. Now the question is how a dog will be able to reduce your stress levels? It is a fact that when we are petting our adorable furry friends, the stress-reducing endorphins are released by our system which will help us to calm down and concentrate on our work. This will help us to become more creative as well as productive in the long run.


Many individuals are of the notion that breaks will be a waste of time and they should go on working continuously so as to have the desired results. However, it is not a real fact. The reason for this is that it is not possible for a normal person to concentrate for more than 20 minutes. Therefore, you need to take plenty of short breaks for boosting your productivity and creativity. Your pooch can come of help to you in this case. He will seek your attention constantly and in case he is well trained, he will allow you to have a relaxing break as well. This will help to make you more creative than working for 8 hours at a stretch which might seem to be never-ending.

Nevertheless, in case your dog is aggressive in nature then it will be imperative for you to train him properly at first. Housebreaking your puppy will also be imperative in that case. Once your pooch gets rid of his hostile nature, he will surely become your best friend out there.