FoxRadio MP3 Converter

Record online music and save it in mp3 format

fox-radio-mp3-converter-boxshot-125x125 FoxRadio MP3 Converter is a cool, easy-to-use internet radio recorder that has the ability to play and convert your favorite online music into MP3s.
While the app is equipped with its own list of online radio stations, it lets you enrich it with the stations of your choice. This way you will be able to unlimitedly add to your MP3 library. With FoxRadio MP3 Converter you can make individual track files automatically so you can have them transferred on your audio portable devices and listen to them anytime, anywhere.
It’s like digging out new music and downloading tracks without risking a copyright infringing lawsuit!

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Every time you like a song (or a radio show) you can press the “Record” button (for a time interval you can specify; the “Record entire stream” option is ticked by default) and save it stream as audio file in the directory of your choice.

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FoxRadio MP3 Converter allows unlimited recording – since you record directly on your hard disk, as long as you have space available you can store any amount of music.
The app eats up very low resources, offers a smart, neat interface bundling no ads. It includes four large icons that make your streaming and recording experience easy and fun.

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