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FoxMediaTools is a website whose focal point is bringing top media software to the liking of a wide range of users.

Our line of products is based on our customers’ demands (your demands) meaning that first we explore what is needed (and how it’s need) out there and only afterwards set off to create it. The software we create is nothing less than what we like to use too.

FoxPlayer FoxPlayer is a light audio software with heavy functions and a hip interface.
FoxRecorder Fox Recorder is a complex sound tool for recording audio files from any source

There are certain reference points which follow throughout the variety of products we offer: Quality, Simplicity and High-technology. For us the real driver towards creating software is the thought of making those tasks of yours as easy, fast, and enjoyable as possible. In achieving this we use state-of-the-art technology without the sacrifice for ease so that whether advanced or beginners our customers can find these products suitable for their needs.

FoxTag Editor FoxTag Editor is a tag processor /metadata editor for music files.
FoxCD Extractor FoxCD Extractor is an audio ripping and converting program: CD to digital format

Basically, you can always count when visiting this site on finding a high-up family of multimedia applications ready to deliver according to the standards of a constantly progressing digital world.

A very rich professional background (coming from our top software developers and marketing experts) stands behind FoxMediaTools project and its offering.

Our user-oriented approach has led us to develop some related applications which are bound to provide you with a blasting experience:
* To the regular music freak we introduce FoxPlayer - a light audio software with a hip interface, Internet streaming, continuous play, mp3 wav converter and numerous other great features.
* To those interested in capturing sounds, recording music, or saving sound samples we introduce FoxRecorder - a complex sound tool, great for recording audio files. The program has the ability to transfer CDs, tapes, DVDs, TV, live shows, Internet radio, video games and any other sound source you can think of to your PC.
* (More to come)

FoxEncoder FoxEncoder is a CD ripping, audio encoding and converting software.
FoxScribe FoxScribe is a top CD/DVD burning software for Windows.

Our guiding principles:

- Professionalism
- Quality products
- Respect and support for our customers
- User-friendliness in approach

As we're always in the search for better ways to improve our media tools, we welcome any suggestions coming from our customers. So, we feed you software for your feedback. You can contact us at here.

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